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Halton Group expanding its Kentucky operations and manufacture of air handling units

Christian Fernsby |
Halton will open a new US production unit of about 40,000 sq ft (3,700 sq meters) close to their existing plant in Kentucky.

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This will focus on the manufacture of air handling units, make-up air units and exhaust air pollution control systems for the needs of commercial kitchens.

This will allow the current plant, with a floor area of almost 86,000 sq ft (8,000 sq meters), to focus on commercial kitchens’ hood and air distribution solutions.

Expanding production to include air handling units is part of Halton’s new growth strategy, aiming at increased sales of the company’s customer-oriented total solutions and at doubling their market in North and South America.

The investment is worth a total of about 8 million US dollars, of which the plant’s machinery accounts for about 4 million.

Halton has been expanding its operations in North America steadily since 1997, when it opened the current plant is Scottsville.

In 2018, Halton acquired LCSystems which brought along new air handling unit knowhow and technology that will also be manufactured in the new production unit.

In future, the products and solutions manufactured in Halton’s Scottsville plants will complement each other.

”Cutting-edge technology and the ability to provide our customers and users with the best value in the market, even in the most demanding indoor environments, is at the heart of Halton’s business mission.

”Our customers are also increasingly interested in buying high-quality total solutions and we want to offer them the Halton quality all the way,” says Phil Meredith, Director of Halton Foodservice for the Americas region.

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