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Hanjin ship unloads in U.S., new funds promised

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A Hanjin Shipping vessel is finishing unloading in California and scheduled to leave port on Monday, as shareholders and executives associated with the South Korean firm pledged funds.

The Hanjin Greece docked in Long Beach on Saturday after a U.S. bankruptcy court granted it protection and terminal operators agreed to take it.

Truck drivers probably will begin moving containers from the Greece on Monday while the vessel prepares to leave late in the day for the Port of Oakland, said Teamsters spokeswoman Barbara Maynard and shipping traffic controllers.

Choi Eun-young, a former chairwoman of Hanjin Shipping pledged to provide $9 million in private funds to help resolve the situation "in which economic damage is increasing from the turmoil in shipping due to its unexpected court restructuring".

Choi, who controlled Hanjin Shipping between 2007 and 2014, will provide the funds "within days".

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