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Important mobile phones in Volkswagen case lost or destroyed

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), involved in settlement talks with Volkswagen over its diesel emissions scandal, has raised concerns about nearly two dozen mobile phones destroyed or lost by the German carmaker.

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The Federal Trade Commission said in a court filing there were 23 lost or broken mobile phones the FTC was not able to access, the agency said in the filing with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The filing said the 23 lost or broken phones were "a bright red flag, especially when they include phones that belonged to important individuals." It did not identify who the "important individuals" were who used the phones, Reuters reports.

Volkswagen Group of America said in a court filing that "despite the FTC's provocative assertion to the contrary, (the company) is not aware of any evidence that any of those mobile devices was intentionally wiped or lost."

The filing by the FTC also said a witness sent by VW was unprepared to testify about the lost or damaged telephones.

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