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Imprimis Pharma offers $1 alternative to medicine that skyrocketed 5000%

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Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has made available a customizable compounded formulation of pyrimethamine and leucovorin available as a low cost alternative to Daraprim.

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Last month, Turing Pharmaceuticals, the sole supplier of Daraprim, increased the price of this prescription drug from $13.50 per tablet to a reported $750.00 per tablet.

The FDA-approved label for Daraprim indicates that it is prescribed for toxoplasmosis and other types of infections. Toxoplasmosis can be of major concern for patients with weakened immune systems such as patients with HIV/AIDS, pregnant women and children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pyrimethamine works to block folic acid synthesis in the parasite T. gondii, the cause of toxoplasmosis, and leucovorin helps to reverse the negative effects on bone marrow caused by this mechanism of action.

Imprimis is now offering customizable compounded formulations of pyrimethamine and leucovorin in oral capsules starting as low as $99.00 for a 100 count bottle, or at a cost of under a dollar per capsule.

Compounded medications may be appropriate for prescription when a commercially-available medicine does not meet the specific needs of a patient.

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