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ITM and CNL to pursue development and production of rare medical radioisotope

Christian Fernsby |
ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the development and industrial scale production of Actinium 225, an extremely rare alpha emitting radioisotope with heightened potential in precision oncology.

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Under the terms of the agreement, the organizations will collaborate on the development, manufacturing, and distribution pathways for the medical radioisotope. Further details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) has been rapidly gaining growing interest from the scientific and medical community. Alpha emitters, particularly Actinium 225, are in high demand for their ability to cause irreparable damage to cancer cells.

Notably, Actinium 225 emits powerful, high energy alpha particles with a short penetration range, which enables highly precise treatment of tumor cells, including hard to target micro metastases, with minimal impact to surrounding healthy tissue.

In preclinical studies, TAT has shown remarkable results, destroying cancer cells by effectively breaking the bonds in their DNA. Actinium 225 can be labelled to a variety of peptide ligands or antibodies to specifically target cancer cells in a wide range of tumor indications.

As the current annual global production of Actinium 225 is miniscule, one of the biggest challenges in harnessing the full potential of the alpha emitter is ensuring its supply. CNL and ITM have the expertise and infrastructure in place to work to sufficiently bypass the supply hurdle to develop and produce this coveted radioisotope with huge therapeutic potential.

Under the terms of the agreement, CNL will be responsible for the research and development as well as the production of Actinium 225. The company is already developing and producing Actinium 225 in research scale quantities using Thorium 229 generators.

ITM will be responsible for further processing Actinium 225 to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard and will subsequently have the primary responsibility for associated regulatory processes, marketing and sales of the product.

CNL and ITM aim to leverage their capabilities towards establishing a continuous commercial supply of GMP grade Actinium 225 for the global market. Both parties are working towards signing a more formal agreement in the form of a Collaborative Venture.

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