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JA Solar supplies PERC Modules for Thailand's largest floating solar power plant

Christian Fernsby |
JA Solar announced that the Thailand's 12.5MW floating power plant, which utilized its high-efficiency PERC modules, was successfully connected to the grid.

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As the first large-scale floating photovoltaic power plant in Thailand, the completion of the project is of great significance to the development of local renewable energy.

The plant is constructed on an industrial reservoir, and its generated electricity is delivered to customer's manufacturing base via underground cables.

The plant will become a solar park opening to the general public and visitors with a focus on promoting the development of local renewable energy after entering operation.

Compared with traditional PV power plants, the floating PV power plants are capable to effectively increase power generation efficiency and prevent degradation by decreasing the usage of land, boosting the unobstructed sunlight exposure, and lowering module and cable temperatures.

JA Solar's high-efficiency PERC bifacial double-glass modules have passed rigorous long-term reliability and environmental adaptability tests by proving its excellent resistance to PID attenuation, salt corrosion, and wind load.

Additionally, these modules are able to maintain high-efficiency performance and stable power output, providing a strong guarantee for optimizing the power generation capacity of the system.

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