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Kobe Steel: 88 customers yet to confirm our products are safe

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Kobe Steel said 88 of its customers had yet to confirm its products were safe but that it had not received any requests for recalls.

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Twenty-six of these customers are overseas companies, Kobe Steel's CEO Hiroya Kawasaki told a news conference. He did not name any of the companies.

Japan's third-largest steelmaker, which supplies manufacturers of cars, planes, trains and other products across the world, said earlier this month that about 500 of its customers had received products with falsified specifications, in one of Japan's biggest industrial scandals.

"The scope of the wrongdoing found is far beyond what I had imagined at the start of the probe," Kawasaki said.

Kawasaki updated the total number of affected customers to 525 on Thursday and said the company had assessed there were no safety issues with falsely certified products sent to 437 customers.

Of these, 229 customers had confirmed the safety of the products, 91 had found no immediate safety issues and the rest were deemed to be safe by Kobe Steel's own experts.

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