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Müller: Volkswagen will overcome this crisis

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Speaking at a works meeting in Wolfsburg the CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Müller, promised employees "swift and relentless clarification" of the emissions scandal.

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Our most important task will therefore be to win back the trust we have lost.
Matthias Müller, VW CEO
Müller said that what had happened went against everything the Group and its people stand for and that there was no excuse. At the same time he encouraged employees to take heart: "We can and we will overcome this crisis, because Volkswagen is a group with a strong foundation. And above all because we have the best automobile team anyone could wish for."

He added that the company would do everything it could to ensure that Volkswagen continues to stand for good and secure jobs in the future.

Speaking to more than 20,000 employees in Hall 11 at the Wolfsburg plant, Müller made it clear that "apart from the enormous financial damage which it is still not possible to quantify as of today, this crisis is first and foremost a crisis of confidence. That is because it is about the very core of our company and our identity: it is about our vehicles."

Müller went on to say that solidity, reliability and credibility belong to the essence of the Volkswagen brand: "Our most important task will therefore be to win back the trust we have lost – with our customers, partners, investors and the general public."

According to Müller, the first step toward achieving that was swift and relentless clarification.

"Only when everything has been put on the table, when no single stone has been left unturned, only then will people begin to trust us again," Müller said.

The CEO asked employees for their understanding, saying that he, too, did not yet have the answer to many questions: "Believe me – like you, I am impatient. But in this situation, where we are dealing with four brands and many model variants, care is even more important than speed."

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