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Munich Airport returns to normal operations after weekend of delays, loss $1.2 million

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After a weekend of chaos, Munich Airport is back to normal operation, but with delays.

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An hour-long blockage of two departure halls caused big problems at the beginning of the holiday in Bavaria.

About 330 flights were cancelled and some 32,000 passengers were affected, as a spokesman for Munich Airport said in a statement on Sunday.

With re booking at this time of year difficult, some 2,000 people spent the night on benches or cots at the airport, according to airline, Lufthansa. Hundreds more were housed in hotels.

Airport representatives and authorities are investigating the safety glitch.

The incident was triggered at a security check on Saturday morning: an unknown woman had passed it without being checked.

As a result, the Federal Police cleared the Terminal 2 and the associated so-called satellite terminal.

It's thought the woman didn't act deliberately. A representative of the government of Upper Bavaria has blamed the incident on an individual failure of the security staff.

Neither the airport nor the mainly affected airline Lufthansa was able to provide information.

The bill for the consequences of the Munich Airport security breach could total more than €1 million ($1.2 million), the airport chief said on Monday.

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