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National Grid to lift gas moratorium in New York

Christian Fernsby |
National Grid will lift the current moratorium on gas service in Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn, N.Y.

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National Grid has identified short-term supply mechanisms that will conservatively meet demand for approximately the next two years, allowing it to restore service to any customers that it had refused and grant all pending applications.

National Grid will present a long-term options analysis within three months, subject to a public review process.

The long-term options will be in place and functioning in Fall 2021.

To compensate customers who were adversely impacted by the moratorium, National Grid will pay a $36 million.

National Grid will analyze and present viable options to address the long-term supply issue including: renewable energy sources, conservation strategies, a new pipeline, LNG facilities, CNG facilities and interoperable systems.

National Grid will analyze these options over the next three months and present them to the public in an open and transparent manner through a series of public meetings in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk.

These meetings will be conducted in coordination with local elected officials.

The State will work with National Grid and local communities and elected officials to identify the best available long-term option by June 2020 to allow a safe and adequate construction and transition period so the option can be in place and functioning in Fall 2021.

The State of New York will appoint a monitor to oversee National Grid's gas supply operations.

The monitor will report to the State of New York and the Public Service Commission, and will be paid for by National Grid.

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