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Nearly every second employee in Siemens is shareholder

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Of Siemens' 351,000 employees worldwide, nearly one in two is also a company shareholder.

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The number of employees holding Siemens shares increased eight percent to 165,000, compared to 153,000 in the previous year.

This year, more than 131,000 employees – or 39 percent of all eligible employees – took part in Siemens' Share Matching Program, a very high figure compared to similar global share programs.

Particularly noteworthy was the positive trend in North America and Asia: Participation in the U.S. alone increased by around 18 percent and even climbed by roughly 32 percent in China.

After a three-year holding period, Siemens employee shareholders receive one matching share at no additional expense for every three shares held.

This year, Siemens distributed around 473,000 of these matching shares with a total value of approximately €56 million.

Eighty-two thousand employees in 66 countries profited from this distribution.

Most of these employees have long-term investment horizons: 87 percent of all employee shareholders still hold their matching shares three years after receiving them.

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