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Oracle to pay $3 billion to Hewlett-Packard

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A jury in California have ordered Oracle to pay $3 billion in damages to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise after a case related to HP's Itanium servers.

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Oracle decided to discontinue development of software to be used with HP's Itanium servers, as it claimed that chip processor Intel had made it clear that the device had a limited lifespan.

HP argued during the case that it had an agreement with Oracle ensuring that support for the servers using the chip would continue.

On Thursday, the jury decided that damages should be paid, but Oracle confirmed that they are going to appeal. HP said that they feel justified by the verdict.

"HP is gratified by the jury's verdict, which affirms what HP has always known and the evidence overwhelmingly showed," John Schultz, executive vice president and general counsel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Dorian Daley, a legal counsel for Oracle said in a statement that "we intend to appeal both today's ruling and the prior ruling".

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