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Origin Energy launches first fixed cost energy plan in Australia

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For the majority of Australians who feel anxious about receiving unexpected energy bills, a game changing new product from Origin Energy promises relief by allowing them to pay a fixed amount for their energy.

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"With Origin’s Predictable Plan, Australians can now pay the same amount for their energy every month or fortnight, no matter how much they use", says Rebekah O’Flaherty, Origin’s GM Retail Marketing, Sales & Service.

"This is the first energy plan of its kind in Australia to address the concerns of customers who find it difficult to budget without knowing what their energy bill is going to be.

Predictable Plan removes any nasty surprises by allowing customers to lock in their energy costs for the entire year and pay the same amount monthly or fortnightly."

This fixed price will protect customers against any variations in energy prices during this time and against any variation in their own usage. Customers will pay exactly the same every month or fortnight no matter how much they use.

Predictable Plan is available for either natural gas or electricity or both. The plan is personally tailored for every customer and is exclusive to existing Origin customers with three months of billed usage at their current address.

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