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Pacific Gas and Electric has plan against wildfires

Christian Fernsby |
Pacific Gas and Electric Company said it submitted its 2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission, as part of its ongoing efforts to further reduce wildfire risks.

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The company noted that its 2020 plan includes changes to make Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events smaller in scope and shorter in duration and to lessen the overall impacts of shutoffs while working to keep customers and communities safe during times of severe weather and high wildfire risk.

The company said it will be pruning or removing more than 1 million trees to keep them away from power lines.

The company plans to install more than 240 miles of stronger and more resilient poles and covered power lines, along with targeted undergrounding.

Pacific Gas and Electric plans to add approximately 400 new weather stations this year, which will keep Pacific Gas and Electric on track to add a total of 1,300 new weather stations by 2021, a density of one station roughly every 20 circuit miles in the high fire-risk areas.

It will install nearly 200 new, high-definition cameras in high fire-threat areas, which will keep Pacific Gas and Electric on track to add a total of 600 by 2022, increasing coverage across high fire-risk areas to more than 90 percent of its service area.

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