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Petrojet tank roof declared Guinness World Record

Christian Fernsby |
The Egyptian company Petrojet reported the floating roof tank was 110 metres in diameter.

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Its “175,000 m3 (1.1 Million Barrels) Crude Oil Storage Tank” project in Ras Badran, Sinai, has officially entered The Guinness Book of Records.

This tank is part of the national level project assigned by the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum to Petrojet, as main EPC contractor.

Looking at the size of the tank, a first of kind technique, that is nothing short of amazing, was engaged to raise the stunning 110 m Diameter and 1,000 Tons Double Deck Floating Roof from assembly level to maintenance level utilizing 240 hydraulic jacks synchronized together to ensure smooth raising of the deck.

Petrojet completed the raising of the floating roof tank on June 10, Guiness World Records noted.

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