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Poland's Competition office received claims from consumers related to the Groupon return policy

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Groupon is an online platform offering vouchers for various products and services.

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For almost a year, in its electronic cancellation procedure, the company used a box checked by default “I prefer reimbursement in Groupon Bucks so that I can buy faster”.

If a consumer failed to uncheck this option, the fee charged for the voucher was transferred to their account on the platform.

Such funds could only be used within 12 months in order to purchase other voucher only.

"We have received claims from consumers related to the Groupon return policy.

"If one withdraws from the agreement, the funds should be reimbursed in the same manner as the one used previously by the buyer to pay for the voucher, unless they have agreed to a different form.

"Many people might have overlooked a small box and choose the option of leaving the money in the system unconsciously.

"I have contacted the company in this matter and requested them to cease this practice and remove its consequences.

"The company have introduced favorable changes, thus improving communication with consumers.

We are glad to have received a swift and positive reaction from this company," says Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK).

Groupon has offered compensation fro consumers and improved the cancellation procedure by electronic means.

All users in Poland who were affected by the default reimbursement procedure, irrespective of whether they have valid or invalid Groupon Bucks, have been given a possibility of changing them to a transfer to their bank or a return on their card.

They received an e-mail from the company informing them that they could apply for the reimbursement within 60 days.

The funds from the voucher returned will be transferred in the original payment method, unless a customer declares otherwise.

This means that the company has adjusted its return policy to the provisions of law.

In this situation, the President of UOKiK made a so-called soft request.

This means that the President of the Authority requests a company to i.a.

cease to apply a given practice without the need to instigate proceedings.

When a company cooperated with the Authority, it may avoid proceedings lasting many months and a possible penalty.

As a consequence, a practice is eliminated quickly for the benefit of consumers.

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