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Port of San Francisco shipyard at Pier 70 up for lease

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The Port of San Francisco is searching for a new tenant for the shipyard at the port's Pier 70, according to a circulated request for proposals from the city and county of San Francisco.

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The shipyard was previously operated as BAE Ship Repair since 2005, until it was taken over Tacoma-based Puglia Engineering in 2016. The shipyard was closed in May due to issues between the two tenants and the port.

However, the shipyard is now "undergoing an unprecedented refresh of new investment," according to the port, and is looking for a tenant that will aid in ship repair as part of the Port of San Francisco's 2010 Pier 70 Preferred Master Plan for maritime commerce.

The shipyard site includes 14.7 acres of land and 17.4 acres of submerged lands with tenant-controlled access. The land includes 16 buildings and port-owned assets with floating Dry Dock #2, floating Dry Dock Eureka, and an 8,000 ampere shoreside power system, according to the Port of San Francisco.

A $5 million project was completed in 2008 that upgraded Dry Dock #2 to post-Panamax lifting capacity, along with electrical system upgrades and building improvements within the shipyard. Most significant is the dredging of Dry Dock #2 to a depth of 60 feet and Wharf 4 East to a depth of 30 feet as part of the port's investments and improvements to the shipyard.

Additionally, the port said it has reached a "nearly-final" project agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for dredging of the Central Basin.

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