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POST Online Media's global concept bearing fruit, visits skyrocket

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POST Online Media, the global business website, reported jump to 1.7 million pageviews from 1.2 million a month before.

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"I am very pleased with this month's results," said Vesna Sesvecan, Chief Executive Officer of Histerius, the publisher of POST.

"This is a clear proof that our 'Do business locally, keep an eye on global events' concept was right from the start. Indeed, today is not enough to track just local events and expect that you fully understand what drives business around us. We stick to that principle for years and the results are here.

"When the price of loaf of bread goes up, you may yell at your local bakery but don't forget that that increase may reflect the weather and business conditions in Asia, on the other side of Earth. And more and more readers recognize this and that's why we are happy. The whole world is our territory, all countries are our territory, and our readers recognize that.

"To carefully balance stories from all around the world with selected country news, that's hard, but an increase of nearly 200% from the start of the year and 150% in unique readers show us that more and more readers recognize those efforts. That's why we are equally interesting to readers in New York City, London and Beijing, and every city inbetween.

"We are thankful for that and we will continue to bring global stories mixed with state events, stories that, when taken together, are painting the full picture of the business and world around us," concluded Ms. Sesvecan.

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