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Preem leading Swedish vehicles toward renewable fuel

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Since 2011, Preem has produced Preem Evolution Diesel, a diesel with a renewable content of up to 50 percent.

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Preem Evolution Diesel is produced in part using tall oil, a residual product from the Swedish forest and paper industry.

Its use has reduced Sweden’s carbon emissions by more than 680,000 tonnes during 2015 – equivalent to emissions from around 217,000 vehicles.

In June 2015, the next step was taken in the development towards renewable fuels with the launch of Preem Evolution Petrol. The inclusion of the word Evolution is intended to emphasise the fact that the renewable content of the fuel will gradually increase.

The renewable content in Preem Evolution Petrol is currently 10 percent, which is twice as high as regular petrol. Half of this is made up of residual products from the forest industry.

The renewables in Preem Evolution Petrol comprise five percent ethanol and five percent tall oil. During 2015, Preem Evolution Petrol reduced carbon emissions by 4,136 tonnes, equivalent to emissions from 1,854 vehicles.

Almost half of all fuel used in Sweden is produced by Preem. The company recently invested 355 million kronor in a completely new facility at the refinery, which is located at the Port of Gothenburg.

Following the inauguration of the new facility in October 2015, annual production capacity has been increased from 100,000 tonnes to around 200,000 tonnes.

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