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Raytheon to provide an automated tool to U.S. Missile Defense Agency

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The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has awarded Raytheon Company a contract to develop an automated tool that assesses the effectiveness of using missiles and interceptors (kinetic) and cyber and electronic warfare (non-kinetic) weapons in wargames.

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The system automatically teaches participants which weapons to use in every possible scenario, ultimately better preparing warfighters to succeed.

The Raytheon Coordinated Cyber/Electronic Warfare Integrated Fires program, or CCEWIF, uses analytics to assess the probabilities of success within a wargame scenario, using a mix of kinetic and non-kinetic options.

Raytheon will deliver an initial CCEWIF wargame tool by early 2018.

CCEWIF ingests real-world data about threats and kinetic and non-kinetic effects to generate realistic simulations.

Raytheon's mathematical foundation then provides probabilities of success, predicted battle damage to the target and confidence values for those predictions.

As an example, CCEWIF could be used to provide probabilities of success for using different cyber, electronic warfare and munition options to take out an enemy ballistic missile before, during and after launch.

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