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REC's floating solar installation debuts in Indonesia

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REC, a provider of solar energy solution, is showcasing its floating photovoltaic installation at a government site in West Java for the first time in Indonesia.

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With the advancement in solar technology, costs have fallen by 50% over the last six years. Solar is expected to be the world’s most common energy source by 2050, with generation costs pegged at only $0.02-0.04 per kilowatt hour.

As the growth potential for ground-mounted solar installations may be slightly dampened by the availability of land resource in some regions, floating photovoltaic is a practical alternative.

REC has partnered PT Kas Green Energy, a local independent power producer (IPP), to introduce the concept of a floating solar installation through a pilot project at Electricity & Renewable Energy Museum (Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru - MLEB), Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

This is the only Science and Technology museum in Indonesia with a collection of Electricity and Renewable Energy exhibits. The 5 kilowatt peak floating PV installation at MLEB’s man-made lake features 20 REC Peak Energy Series panels.

The PV demo display helps to educate and generate environmental awareness at the MLEB. The installation of the solar panels was completed on 6 May 2016. With the installation of this 5kWp floating PV,MLEB expects to have an energy yield of 1,295kWh/kWp.

This will in turn generate 6.7 MWh of energy annually, an equivalent of 5.8 Tons CO2 savings annually.

Indonesia is a new and emerging market with untapped potential for further growth and adoption of solar. One of the largest and most populous countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has been facing stable grid connectivity challenges.

To mitigate its fossil fuel dependencies, its policy-makers have encouraged the greater adoption of clean and renewable energy in the country’s energy mix.

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