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Ring hands personal information to Facebook and Google

Christian Fernsby |
Home security firm Ring hands personal information about its users to companies like Facebook and Google.

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The study, by digital rights nonprofit the Electronic Frontier Foundation, found the Android version of the Ring app to be "packed" with third-party trackers that gather users' personally identifiable information.

Ring is best known for its range of smart doorbells, which contain a high definition camera, a motion sensor, a microphone and a speaker. These are controlled by the Ring app, and it's this is leaking data, according to the EFF.

In total, the study found information including names, IP addresses, and mobile networks was leaking to five tracking services.

But the EFF highlighted how Ring's promise of security is undermined by its Android app handing out personally identifiable data to third parties. "This data is given to parties either only mentioned briefly, buried on an internal page users are unlikely to ever see, or not listed at all," the EFF wrote.

Facebook, via its Graph API, was found to be receiving each Ring app user's time zone, device model and screen resolution, and a unique identifier. What's more, the study found that the app gives data to Facebook whether or not its customers actually have Facebook accounts.

Meanwhile, Google-owned crash logging firm Crashlytics was also found to be receiving sent data from the app.

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