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Ritchie Bros. set to conduct 65+ farm auctions ahead of harvest season

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With harvest season fast approaching, many farmers are looking to upgrade their fleets.

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Over the next two months Ritchie Bros. will sell more than 8,000 farm-related equipment items and trucks through its live auctions and online marketplaces.

In June and July alone, Ritchie Bros. will conduct more than 65 agricultural auctions, including on-the-farm retirement dispersals; site sales in Saskatoon, SK; Regina, SK; North Battleford, SK; and Lethbridge, AB; as well as a special, pre-harvest IronPlanet online auction on June 27.

Equipment highlights include 750+ agricultural tractors, 225+ combines, 200+ cultivators, 200+ headers, 125+ swathers, 80+ discs, 70+ harrows, and more.

"We have items for all types and sizes of farms, available to purchase when, where and how you want—whether onsite or online," said Jordan Clarke, Sales Director, Ritchie Bros.

"We are so excited to add a special IronPlanet online ag event to the calendar this year, on June 27.

"Plus, this summer we have decided to make our Saskatoon site auction one big summer event in mid-July, instead of two separate auctions in June and August.

"I encourage interested bidders to come out to, or participate online in, one of our many ag auctions this Summer." â– 

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