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Rostec and NtechLab introduced smart video surveillance system

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NtechLab, a technological partner of Rostec for the "safe city" project, announced in the course of CIPR-2018 that it was launching FindFace Security, a "boxed" solution for organizing video surveillance with a face recognition function based on the algorithm recognized as the best in the world.

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e product has already proved itself in a number of federal projects in large Russian cities, including Moscow, including social and transport infrastructure facilities, as well as in the banking sector and retail.

The State Corporation Rostec will use this product to ensure security and access control in key enterprises.

FindFace Security allows identifying faces in the video stream in real-time with high accuracy, comparing search results to databases, and when a match is found, instantly sending alerts to security officers or hospitality on their mobile devices.

The entire process from the actual appearance of a person in front of the camera to receiving a signal takes less than five seconds, which allows you to react quickly to the occurrence of any situation.

FindFace Security will become an integral tool for ensuring the security of transport facilities, government agencies and industrial enterprises, large sports and entertainment events, gambling establishments, retail organizations, etc.

And the use of the capabilities of intelligent video analytics by commercial companies will improve the efficiency of the business by reducing operational losses and increasing sales through an individual approach to each client.

The system is based on the most accurate biometric identification algorithm, the effectiveness of which has been proved by independent researches of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) and the authoritative contest of the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).

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