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Rotterdam-Bayern Express saw 50% more containers

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In the first half of 2016, the Rotterdam-Bayern Express, operated by ECT subsidiary European Gateway Services (EGS) and TX Logistik, transported 50% more containers than in the first two quarters of last year.

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A growing number of companies based in Southern Germany are discovering the advantages of importing and exporting cargo via the port of Rotterdam.

While it takes roughly the same time to transport cargo by rail to and from Bavaria whether you opt for a port in Northern Germany or Rotterdam, the Bayern Express benefits from the fact that more and more deep sea shipping lines are choosing Rotterdam as their first and last port of call in Europe.

Having arrived in Rotterdam, containers transferred to the Rotterdam-Bayern Express can already be put on their way to Southern Germany, while sea-going vessels destined for a North German port still have to make the last leg of their voyage.

This makes the Rotterdam-Bayern Express an extremely competitive alternative to importing containers via Northern Germany.

And it is equally effective the other way round: export containers from Southern Germany can be loaded on to the train at shorter notice, before being transferred to a sea-going vessel in Rotterdam.

This results in greater flexibility. Moreover, the route via Rotterdam offers tax advantages: in the case of import containers, VAT payments can be deferred until the moment of delivery to the client.

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