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Russian super-heavy rocket to have payloads of more than 70 tons, says Roscosmos

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The new Russian super-heavy booster vehicle will have a capability of bringing payloads of more than 70 tons to the low-earth orbit, the Russian state space corporation Roscosmos said.

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According to the document, "the launching complex will have a launch pad that will make it possible to prepare booster for launches and to launch booster vehicles of medium class and super-heavy class, the latter with a capacity to take payloads of more than 70 tons to the low-earth obit."

The super-heavy booster vehicle will have a universal launch pad suitable for different liftoffs and multiple tests of the vehicle, said Roscosmos. The launch equipment will be located in a deep pit capable of sending up the vehicle with a diameter of 7.7 meters

Roscosmos has agreed to pay a company 3.4 million rubles ($57,500) to do a technical assessment of the project at the Vostochny Space Center in Russia's Far East.

The first flight tests of the booster vehicle will be held in 2028, said the corporation.

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