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Ryanair UK cabin crew approve collective labour agreement

Christian Fernsby |
Ryanair cabin crew in the United Kingdom have voted to approve a collective labour agreement on pay and conditions in the latest step by management to curb a wave of industrial unrest, the airline said on Tuesday.

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Widespread strikes over pay and conditions by pilots and cabin crew a year ago forced Ryanair to cancel hundreds of flights, but a series of strikes in Britain, Spain and Portugal in recent weeks has caused minimal disruption.

The cabin crew deal comes after British Ryanair pilots on Friday announced the cancellation of planned strikes to allow “breathing space” for negotiations on pay and conditions.

Ryanair said 80% of cabin crew with the Unite trade union voted in favour of a four-year collective labour agreement that will cover all of the airline’s directly employed cabin crew in the United Kingdom, creating a new pay structure and increased guaranteed income.

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