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SAA resumes flight schedule following aircraft recalling

Christian Fernsby |
South African Airways (SAA) flight schedule has returned to normal after the airline has ensured that the majority of the aircraft identified for the compliance checks have been released back into service.

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A total of 25 aircraft in SAA’s fleet were identified to undergo a compliance verification process required by SACAA. So far, 21 have undergone the compliance verification process resulting in an 84% completion rate of the identified aircraft.

The remaining four are undergoing a scheduled extended maintenance service. Their absence will not affect the airline operations, as they were not included in the schedule to allow for routine maintenance.

SAA’s decision to recall its aircraft followed an oversight inspection conducted by SACAA at the airline’s maintenance subsidiary, South African Airways Technical (SAAT) and an audit on one aircraft operated by another carrier.

SAA implemented contingency plans to ensure business continuity.

In a statement SAA said: “SAA wishes to assure all customers that despite the compliance verification process on a specified number of aircraft by the maintenance subsidiary, South African Airways Technical (SAAT), all of the airline’s aircraft are airworthy and normal operations have been restored.

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