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Saab opens new facility in U.S., to hire up to 300 employees by 2027

Christian Fernsby |
Saab announced the grand opening of its new facility located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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This purpose built facility represents a major step in both Saab’s global expansion strategy and growth and investment in the U.S.

Saab announced in May 2019 that West Lafayette would be the location for its expansion in the U.S. aerospace sector and construction of the facility began in 2020.

It has been completed on time and on budget and will start by being the site for domestic production of Saab’s aft airframe section for the T 7A Red Hawk trainer program. It will also support research and development in autonomy, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing.

By 2027, Saab expects to hire up to 300 employees for this facility, including assemblers, engineers, system administrators, and more.

The West Lafayette facility will also work collaboratively with Purdue on research and development in sensor systems, artificial intelligence and more. Saab plans to export products and technology from this facility.

The T 7A Red Hawk is an all new, advanced pilot training system designed and manufactured through a Saab Boeing partnership for the U.S. Air Force to train the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots. Saab’s site in West Lafayette will build an aft section with installed subsystems that extends from behind the cockpit to the end of the aircraft, and supply them to Boeing’s final assembly line in St. Louis for joining with the front section, wings, fins and tail.

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