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Siemens builds Germany’s largest 'power outlet' for ships for Port of Kiel

Christian Fernsby |
The Port of Kiel commissioned Siemens to build Germany’s largest shore power system to date.


With a power of 16 megavolt amperes (MVA), the Siharbor solution will supply two ships simultaneously with certified eco-power, for the first time.

This will reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than 8,000 tons.

The system is expected to go into test operation within the 2020 cruise ship season.

Maritime shipping plays a special role in Kiel.

The port is the point of departure for cruises and has ferry connections to the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

32 different cruise ships stopped in 174 times at the port facilities in 2018.

The Siemens installation consists of one substation with four Geafol cast resin transformers, four air-insulated medium-voltage Nxair switchgears as well as one 16-MVA frequency converter.

The cast resin transformers with a rated power of six and 16 MVA are especially suited for challenging environmental conditions, such as the salty air present at the port.

The switchgear is robust and has a compact design, making it suitable for this application.

For an uninterrupted and efficient power supply of the mooring ships the Siemens converter system “Siplink” is used.

It features a frequency converter and a software for central controlling of the two berths.

With the system, two medium-voltage networks with different frequencies can be connected.

In this case the local distribution grid with 50 Hz and the ship’s onboard electrical system with 60 Hz.

Siplink synchronizes both networks and takes over the power supply automatically within a few minutes.

In addition, it coordinates the energy supply of the ships’ two networks so that power can be supplied to both simultaneously.

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