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Sikorsky delivers first CH-148 Cyclones to Canada

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Sikorsky Aircraft delivered six CH-148 Cyclone helicopters to the Canadian government, first of 28 Cyclone aircraft for the Canadian Armed Forces to perform anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, and utility missions.

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Sikorsky will introduce increased capabilities that will be phased in while the Royal Canadian Air Force determines operational strategy and more personnel are trained to fly and maintain the aircraft.

More than 40 military personnel have completed initial training already. Completion of all deliveries and capability upgrades will enable replacement of the venerable Sea King fleet, also provided by Sikorsky, beginning in 2018.

“In addition to today’s deliveries, Sikorsky will continue developing and enhancing the capability of the Cyclone to meet all of Canada’s required operational capabilities. In our view, the CH-148 Cyclone will be the world’s most advanced maritime helicopter,” said William Gostic, Vice President of the CH-148 Maritime Helicopter Program (MHP).

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