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Standard Chartered Bank: Allegations of client data leakage unfounded

Christian Fernsby |
Standard Chartered Bank (HK) responded to client data leakage allegations.

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Following a comprehensive internal investigation, which was subsequently reviewed by Deloitte Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited concluded that the allegations of client data leakage are unfounded, Standard Chartered said.

"Furthermore, recent comments made on social media about the investigation also lack a factual basis. The internal investigation was conducted by an independent unit of the Bank. The investigation reviewed the Bank’s client data systems, communications (including emails), CCTV and other monitoring systems, and conducted interviews of staff."

"No evidence of leakage was found."

"Given the potential seriousness of the matter, to provide further assurance that the Bank’s investigation was sufficiently rigorous and objective, the Bank commissioned Deloitte, a globally-recognised professional consultant, to conduct a confidential and independent review.

"Through its review, Deloitte considered the methodology and conclusions of the Bank’s investigation unit. Deloitte leveraged its considerable forensic investigation experience, referenced its global investigation methodology and frameworks; and also referenced industry best investigative practices.

"Deloitte found the investigation undertaken and subsequent findings by the Bank to be reasonable and appropriate. The Bank is unable to disclose further details of the report as it contains personal data and information about the Bank’s internal systems that must be kept confidential to protect its clients.

"The Bank has, however, proactively engaged with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and other relevant authorities, and updated them on the results of its investigation.

"The Bank appreciates that concerns have been expressed by the public over the past months. The Bank thanks its clients for their understanding and support and hopes that the outcome of its investigation allays any remaining concerns of its clients and the community at large," Standard Chartered said.

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