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Tahoe Resources reports fuel spill at La Arena mine in Peru

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Tahoe Resources reported a fuel spill at the La Arena mine in Peru late Friday evening, April 6th.

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The fuel spill occurred when a contractor over-fueled one of the diesel storage tanks, spilling into the containment facilities.

Unfortunately, the containment drain valve had been left open by the fuel vendor due to continuing rains. As a result, it is estimated that approximately 300 to 500 gallons of diesel fuel left La Arena's containment facilities.

Upon identification of the leak, the Company immediately closed the valve and initiated our emergency response and clean-up protocols. The Company has successfully contained the spill through the construction of dams, the placement of absorbing materials and disposed of the recovered fuel in accordance with legal requirements.

The Company immediately began conducting extensive inspections of the surrounding areas from the operation.

Initial inspections confirm that the spill was contained within our property and did not reveal any reported impact, however we continue to monitor the situation closely.

The incident was reported to the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Control (OEFA) and to the Supervisor of Investment in Energy and Mines (OSINERGMIN) within the required 24-hour period. The surrounding communities of La Arena have also been notified.

OEFA was on site at La Arena on Sunday, April 8^th to complete their investigation, but has not yet issued any findings, orders or notices of violation.

Production is not expected to be impacted by this event. A full internal investigation will be completed in order to avoid and prevent future incidents.

Tahoe holds itself accountable for ensuring safe operations for our environment and our communities and we expect all of our employees and partners alike to operate to the highest standards.

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