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Telecom Italia receives request to suspend TI Media merger

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Telecom Italia Media received notification of a petition by shareholders to obtain the urgent suspension of implementation, or at least the inhibition of the implementation of Telecom Italia Media merger with Telecom Italia S.p.A.

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The hearing for discussion of the petition before the Court of Rome is scheduled for October 5, 2015.

For the related proceedings on the merits, brought by the common representative of the savings shareholders, the first hearing is instead scheduled for December 15, 2015.

In acknowledging these initiatives, Telecom Italia Media has confirmed that it has not changed in its belief that the merger is in the company's interests and in the interests of all its shareholders and stakeholders, that the acts and resolutions taken by the corporate bodies are entirely correct and compliant with applicable legislation and that the merger does not prejudice the rights of the savings shareholders.

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