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Tissue Regenix forced to take U.S. systems offline after cyber attack

Christian Fernsby |
Tissue Regenix Group today said it has halted manufacturing in the U.S. in the short-term after it was victim of a cyber security attack.

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The Leeds based firm said it has called in forensic cyber security specialists as it is investigates the "circumstances and scope of the incident".

Tissue Regenix said it is determining the financial impact of the cyber attack, and whether its business disruption insurance offers any protection.

The attackers gained unauthorised access to Tissue's computer systems, and those belonging to its U.S. based services provider.

Although its US manufacturing capabilities will be hampered for the near future, its UK operations and financial systems are unaffected.

"Tissue Regenix has taken precautionary steps, including taking affected systems offline. This has restricted access to certain business operations, including the company's ability in the short term to continue manufacturing in its United States facility, which has been taken offline whilst the incident is being investigated," the company explained."

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