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T-Mobile: AT&T CEO is promising, we deliver

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T-Mobile has unveiled the latest in its Un-carrier Amped announcements and this one's going to make history, according to the company.

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AT&T won't be the first. And they won't offer Canada for free.
John Legere, T-Mobile CEO
The company announced a massive expansion of its first industry-rocking Un-carrier move, Simple Choice, extending coverage and calling across the U.S., Mexico and Canada for all Simple Choice customers at no extra charge.

Called "Mobile without Borders," this move delivers calling to both land lines and mobile phones as well as 4G LTE data straight from your plan across all three countries at no additional cost. The upgrade makes Simple Choice the first and only wireless plan to span an entire continent.

The move eliminates a major pain point for U.S. wireless customers. Last year, a full 35% of all international calls and 55% of all international travel from the U.S. was to Mexico & Canada alone. Over 70% of international trips taken by small and mid-sized business travelers were to Mexico and Canada.

And, the same year, the carriers raked in nearly $10 billion in global roaming charges at over 90% margins. Meaning the carriers are lining their pockets with billions of dollars in inflated roaming fees—for coverage the Un-carrier now includes at no extra cost.

"After spending billions buying up Mexican telecoms, AT&T's CEO is promising 'the first seamless network covering Mexico and the U.S.,' something 'unique' that 'nobody else will be able to do for the consumer.' So much for that. They won't be the first. And they won't offer Canada for free," said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

"We've done this the Un-carrier way − reaching across borders, partnering with leading providers offering the best LTE networks, creating a simple solution right now − then not charging a penny more for it."

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