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Toblerone will no longer be exclusively Swiss made

Christian Fernsby |
Toblerone’s parent company Mondelez confirmed the Slovakian outsourcing plan, according to Swiss public radio, SRF.

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The Mondelez factory in the Slovak capital Bratislava already makes chocolate with Swiss roots such as the Milka and Suchard brands.

Staff at Toblerone’s Bern-Brünnen factory were informed at the beginning of the week. Toblerone has been produced in Bern for more than 100 years and is distributed worldwide.

Despite the move towards outsourcing, Mondelez intends to keep its Swiss footprint.

"Bern is an important part of our history and will remain so," said Livia Kolmitz of Mondelez Europe.

Toblerone was invented by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann, and has been produced since 1908. The name is a combination of the name of its co-inventor "Tobler" and "torrone", Italian for honey-and-almond nougat.

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