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Toshiba to make biomass power plant in Fukuoka

Christian Fernsby |
Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation announced that its consolidated subsidiary, Sigma Power Ariake Corporation (SPAC) held a ground-breaking ceremony today, prior to starting the building of a biomass power plant in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

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The ceremony was a success, with many in attendance including Masahiro Nakao, Mayor of Omuta City.

The power plant will be built as the Omuta No.1/No.2 Power Plant next to the Mikawa Power Plant, which is already being operated by SPAC in Omuta City.

All preparation work has gone smoothly, so the plant will start operation in autumn 2021, which is earlier than expected.

When the plant starts operation, the output will be 22.1 MW for each of the plants in Omuta City.

Toshiba ESS is in the position of committing to the field of renewable energy generation, and the construction of this power station is a part of that commitment.

Toshiba ESS is currently operating the following renewable energy generation facilities: six solar facilities, four wind facilities, one hydropower facility, and one biomass facility.

With the completion of this power station, the renewable energy generation portfolio of Toshiba ESS will be equivalent to 140 MW.

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