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Uber banned in Portugal

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Uber faced yet another backlash as the Portuguese court placed a nationwide ban against the U.S. based online taxi service.

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The case is one of more than a dozen lawsuits filed recently throughout Europe against the company.

The service, which is valued at more than $40 billion and uses unlicensed taxi drivers, has been a magnet for criticism and has already been banned in several countries including France, Spain, and Germany.

The service works by matching people seeking a lift with a taxi-like driver through a cell-phone application, offering informal ride-sharing options and limousines.

The Uber service was launched in Portugal in July last year, and has caused outrage among local taxi drivers who claim the service creates unfair competition.

The ministry of economy has insisted the service operates illegally, but Uber's spokesperson in Portugal has maintained that the service is legal and that all drivers are qualified.

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