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UK: Desford brick factory to be biggest in Europe

Christian Fernsby |
Forterra is set to commence a £95m project to double production capacity at their Desford plant, after the planning application for a new facility was permitted today (11/04/19) subject to conditions and a legal agreement.

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The major investment promises to transform Forterra's Desford facility in Leicestershire into both the largest and most efficient brick factory in Europe, whilst increasing our overall production capacity and consolidating Forterra's role in the future of UK housebuilding.

With a current output of 85 million bricks per year, the Desford plant’s production capacity is set to double in the next three years as a result of the investment to 180 million bricks annually, enough to build 24,000 average-sized family homes. On a company-wide scale, this will increase our overall brick production capacity by 16%.

This twofold increase in output will be achieved via the construction of a new, modern facility with state-of-the-art automated processes that will minimise the plant’s environmental impact. The new premises will be built alongside the current factory, ensuring that the latter remains operational in order to maintain production during the changeover.

Situated just two miles from the M1 with excellent transport links, the modernised Desford site will offer a range of red and buff bricks designed to meet the demands of housebuilders.

Production is expected to commence in 2022, by which time Forterra's production capacity is projected to approach 0.7bn bricks per annum.

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