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Ukrainian poultry producer MHP seeking to acquire Slovenian Perutnina Ptuj

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MHP confirmed it is seeking to acquire Perutnina Ptuj, a well-established and vertically integrated company in Southeast Europe.

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MHP is a vertically integrated company and a leading poultry producer in Ukraine with cutting facilities in the EU (the Netherlands and Slovakia) and a sales and distribution office in MENA (UAE).

MHP sells around 60% of its poultry products domestically and around 40% to over 60 countries across the world. Being one the most efficient producers in the industry worldwide enables the company to control the risks and quality of goods at every level of the production process.

This ensures all the company’s standards and management of the processes are in line with Ukrainian legislation and current EU guidelines. A key part of MHP’s success to date has been an intensive CAPEX programme (around US$1.75 billion invested during the last 10 years into green-field projects), a strong and experienced management team, and an integrated business model.

MHP is undertaking a strategic step with this expansion, which will add value to the company and strengthen its position as a global player, while Perutnina Ptuj is obtaining a strategic long-term investor. Perutnina Ptuj has a strong brand and significant share of poultry value-added products, which MHP is ready to support over the coming years through investment and further development.

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