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UK's largest forensic science company forced to pay ransom to hackers

Christian Fernsby |
The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) suspended work with the company after its IT systems were the target of what the company described as a “sophisticated” ransomware virus at the beginning of June.

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The largest forensic services firm in the UK, has likely been forced to pay a ransom to hackers following a cyber-attack, according to the BBC.

Eurofins Scientific is a major forensic service provider for the British police. As well as offices all over the world, the company offers computer forensics, DNA testing, toxicology reports, and even firearms testing, for police forces across the country.

The hackers used a ransomware virus, which shuts down a computer system and sends messages demanding payment in order to unblock the restricted system.

The ransom is likely to have been paid after 10 June, following a statement released by Eurofins detailing the incident.

The company admitted "the impact of this attack on our financial results may unfortunately be material".

Despite previously describing the attack as "well-resourced" Eurofins have confirmed that their servers are now up and running and "returning to normal".

The National Crime Agency (NCA), who are overseeing the investigation said it was "a matter for the victim" to release specifics regarding the ransom paid.

Eurofins told the BBC that they are working closely with "cyber-security experts" to secure systems and add "enhanced security measures".

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