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Unilever to provide access to additional ingredient information

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Unilever announced a new transparency initiative to provide people with access to additional ingredient information about its home and personal care products.

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The initiative goes beyond labelling requirements to provide in-depth product and ingredient information.

This year Unilever will start to voluntarily disclose online the fragrance ingredients included in individual products (down to 0.01% of the product formulation) along with details of the scent the fragrance ingredients bring to the product. Unilever aims to complete this by 2018.

The new website section provides people with access to information beyond the label, such as Unilever’s approach to developing safe products, explanations of ingredient types and answers to common questions.

Individual product information, which will be updated to include the fragrance ingredients, is also provided so that people can look up ingredients and understand their function on the product.

In Europe, Unilever products are already labelled with fragrance allergens in line with regulations. In addition, our new voluntary online search tool will be launched to support people with allergies to find suitable products for them.

In the U.S., Unilever will voluntarily expand its labelling of fragrance allergens on pack to cover the full Unilever personal care portfolio.

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