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Vestas got largest project in Finland’s first energy auction

Christian Fernsby |
Vestas has secured the first order for an EnVentus platform turbine, underlining how Vestas continues to develop technology that enables tailored solutions to match customer needs.

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The order features the largest turbine in their product portfolio, the V162-5.6 MW, which will be deployed at the 151 MW Simo Sarvisuo wind park by long-term customer TuuliWatti.

Leveraging the V162-5.6 MW turbine’s industry-leading energy production and capacity factor, the solution significantly boosts the projects annual energy production and lower the cost of energy, which played a decisive role in the customer securing the project in Finland’s first renewable energy auction.

To further maximise the wind park’s power production, Vestas has also designed a tower solution to lift the largest rotor in the onshore market to 166m hub heights, enabling the turbines to capture new wind resources at higher and more consistent wind speeds.

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