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Vodafone and T-Mobile sued for deception in Netherlands

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Vodafone and T-Mobile are being taken to court in the Netherlands for misleading customers about the cost of mobile phone contracts.

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ConsumentenClaim wants the courts to force the phone firms to pay back hundreds of euros to individual customers who have paid too much for their all-in contracts.

The claim focuses on contracts which included a phone. The Supreme Court recently ruled that these deals are effectively a credit agreement and that the phone is bought off during the lifetime of the contract.

If the customer extends the contract without a new phone, the cost of their subscription should fall, Stef Smit of ConsumentenClaim told broadcaster NOS.

People who extend their contracts without a new phone are spending between €20 and €30 too much a month on their contract and are entitled to a refund. He estimates up to a million Vodafone and T-Mobile clients may have been duped out of several hundred euros each.

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