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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 430,800 vehicles during 2015

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During the 2015 financial year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 430,800 lightweight commercial vehicles to customers (2014: 446,600; -3.5 percent).

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With sales figures of 171,100 for Transporter, Multivan, Caravelle and California, the T model range recorded a growth rate of 1.4 percent (2014: 168,700) despite a model change from T5 to T6 in summer 2015.

The Crafter model range also recorded an increase with 50,400 deliveries (2014: 49,200; +2.5 percent).

A total of 132,900 Caddy vehicles were delivered (2014: 148,900; -10.8 percent). The dip in deliveries is attributable to delays caused by conversion demands. Deliveries of the Amarok fell in the volatile market of South America, and Brazil in particular, to 76,500 units (2014: 78,100; -2.1 percent).

Overall, deliveries in Western Europe last year fell by 2.5 percent to 284,600 vehicles (2014: 292,000). In Germany, 111,100 were delivered from January to December, 7.5 percent less than last year (2014: 120,100). In the Spanish market, the brand increased deliveries by 17.6 percent to 10,500 units sold (8,900), in the United Kingdom by 4.7 percent to 47,300 vehicles sold (2014: 45,200).

In Eastern Europe, the brand suffered a fall in deliveries with 31,200 vehicles sold (2014: 37,700; -17.3 percent). In contrast, deliveries in the Middle East rose by 26.7 percent to 34,700 units (2014: 27,400).

In the booming Turkish market, 31,700 deliveries meant that 31.8 percent more lightweight commercial vehicles were sold than in the previous year (2014: 24,000).

In South America, the number of vehicles delivered for the brand fell by 7.5 percent to 34,100 (2014: 36,900). In the largest individual market of Brazil, 10,800 units were delivered (2014: 16,900; -35.9 percent).

Due to a country-specific mini boom and increased market shares at the same time, deliveries in the Argentinean market rose by 19.0 percent to 18,500 vehicles (2014: 15,500).

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