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AG Koster closes St. Louis car companies that violated consumer laws

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Attorney General Chris Koster has reached a settlement with TaDarrell Qualls and his car dealerships, Top Quality Consultations Unlimited and Exclusive Imports.

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The settlement is over allegations the Qualls and his dealerships violated Missouri’s consumer laws.

In a consent judgment filed in the City of St. Louis Circuit Court, Mr. Qualls admitted that he and his dealerships failed to provide car titles to purchasers in a timely fashion and failed to make repairs promised as part of sales agreements

The agreement requires Qualls to pay $38,067 in restitution to 23 consumers. Also under the terms of the agreement,Qualls is prohibited for five years from selling or leasing motor vehicles; accepting any payment for any work selling, leasing, or purchasing any motor vehicles; and owning, operating, or controlling any business engaged in the buying, selling, or leasing of motor vehicles. He must also dissolve the companies he used to run his dealerships.

In addition, he was assessed $46,000 in penalties and costs. The penalties and costs are suspended so long as Mr. Qualls complies with the injunctive relief.

“There are clear laws in Missouri to protect buyers of used vehicles,” Koster said. “When these laws are violated we will act aggressively to stop the violations and seek restitution for those harmed.”

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