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Circle K Denmark to pay $910,380 for not notifying merger

Christian Fernsby |
Circle K Denmark has entered into a settlement and accepted to pay a fine of $910,380 for not notifying a merger to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

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The fueling company Circle K Denmark A/S has paid a fine of $910,380 for infringing the rules on merger control in the Danish Competition Act.

The case concerns Circle K Denmark A/S’s acquisition of 72 service stations within the Shell trademark from 12 individual lessees in 2016. The acquisition of the 72 service stations was not included in the former approval by the European Commission of Circle K Denmark A/S’s overtaking of parts of Danish Shell’s activities.

The size of the fine takes into account the gravity and the duration of the infringement as well as the turnover of the company. Moreover, it has been a mitigating circumstance that Circle K Denmark A/S contacted the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority themselves and drew attention to the merger.

The undertaking subsequently reported the merger to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority. The merger was approved in October 2018.

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