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Hungary fines imaging diagnostic tools manufacturers for cartel activity

Christian Fernsby |
Hungaryʼs competition office GVH has fined a number of companies manufacturing and marketing imaging diagnostic products for violating regulations relating to EU-funded public procurement tenders, state news wire MTI reports.

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GVH has fined the companies HUF 1.6 billion in total for cartel activity related to the tenders for purchasing energy-saving medical devices.

A probe by the competition office found that in 2015 Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Termelő, Szolgáltató and Kereskedelmi, GE Hungary Ipari es Kereskedelmi, PHILIPS Magyarország, HOGE Orvosi Műszer, Premier G Med, Euromedic Technology, Chemium, Medirex and Mediszer Korháztechnika és Kereskedelmi divided the market between themselves.

GE Hungary received the biggest fine, HUF 341 million, Premier G Med was fined HUF 308 mln and Euromedic Technology nearly HUF 300 mln.

GVH noted that several companies actively cooperated with it during the probe. Consequently, Mediszer was absolved of fines and the fine of Siemens Healthcare was reduced by 70% and that of HOGE by 30% after it acknowledged wrongdoing and waived its right for an appeal. GVH reduced fines for other companies as well.

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