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Russian FAS suspects stevedoring companies fix high prices at seaports

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The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) opened cases upon elements of violating the antimonopoly law against 9 companies, rendering freight loading, unloading and storage in the seaports.

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FAS suspects that the companies fixed monopolistically high prices for their services for transshipment of containers, grain, oil and mineral fertilizers.

The antimonopoly body surveyed the market of stevedoring services in seaports in 2013 - 2015.

The findings showed that since the Federal Tariff Services abolished price regulation, the prices for stevedoring services in Russian ports increased on average by 2.5 times and on some positions – by more than tenfold. n most cases, however, stevedoring companies set tariffs for their services in foreign currency.

FAS warned all economic entities offering stevedoring services in seaports that they must fix prices for their service in Russian Rubles.

FAS does not rule out that as a result of the case investigation, they can initiate reviewing the decisions of the Federal Tariff Service made in 2013-2014. FAS also sees a possibility of opening new cases against stevedoring companies.

The antimonopoly body emphasized that currently export shipping is vulnerable to the “double marginalization” effect that had an adverse impact upon operations of Russian exporters.

It is confirmed by the “Doing Business 2016” World Bank rating, where Russia is on the 170th position on the “Foreign Trade Operations”.

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